Medical Insurance

We offer our services on both personal lines and corporate basis, with the ability to place and service both individual requirements as well as corporate schemes.

Medical Insurance Packages

Medical (Indvidual)


This policy covers your own medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs. It can also cover lost wages and other expenses related to an injury or illness.

What We Need:

Proposal Form.

What We Provide:

A comprehensive cover that covers you for inpatient and outpatient needs, the plans and benefits will vary according to your needs or benefits and will be placed on either a local, regional or international plan basis.

Medical (Family)


This policy covers the medical expenses of all members of your family, including yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children.

What We Need:

Proposal Form(s).

What We Provide:

A comprehensive medical policy that covers you for inpatient and outpatient needs for you and your entire family, the plans will vary and can be either local, regional or international.

At PYI our dedicated medical division has access to local, regional and international providers and will guide you in selecting a suitable plan in regards to protecting your family or your employees on a local, regional or international basis.

  • Over recent years there is an evident increase in the regional premium volume of Medical/Health insurance, which is being driven by both government initiatives as well as an increased understanding of the associated benefits of purchasing such policies.

    As such it is essential that private medical insurance is no longer viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity required to ensure peace of mind.

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